Recommendation: 1-2 teaspoonfuls daily

Always keep berry powder on your dining table in a small glass jar or a shaker with large holes. It can then be easily added to yoghurts, cereals, porridge, or tea. One tablespoon of berry powder is equivalent to about 90 g of fresh berries.

Berry powder is easy to take with you to work or on trips. Keep the berry powder in an airtight container so that you can take it along even in warm or humid weather.

Berries and berry powders are a good supplement to the dough for bread or buns. You can add 75 g of sea buckthorn powder to half a litre of dough for sweet buns, or about 180 g of fresh or frozen lingonberries to half a litre of dough dough for bread rolls. The water or milk for the dough can also be replaced with berry juice.



1 dl raspberries (or other berries)

1 tbsp Cranberry powder

1 dl almond milk

(Whey powder)

some fruit, for example, pear

a few walnuts

1 tbsp sunflower or sesame seeds



1 dl bilberries or blueberries

half a banana

half an avocado

1 tbsp Bilberry powder

1 tbsp sunflower or sesame seeds

1 tl cold pressed coconut oil

almond milk (or other kind of milk)



2 fresh, low-acid apples

4 Tbls. Cranberry powder

2 sprigs fresh Thyme

1 dl milk

2 dl unflavoured organic yogurt

1 dl SunSpelt Fiber Supplement

2 Tbls. sugar

Peel apples and chop into small chunks. Pinch off the leaves of the thyme. Blend all the ingredients in a blender and serve in shot glasses immediately.