crushed leaves, flowers, stems

Place one tablespoon of dried herbs per 0,5 liter of water into a teapot. Cover with nearly boiling water (80°C) is the best). Let steep for 10-15 minutes.


roots, woody parts (chaga), seeds, bark

Bring the herbs to a simmering boil. Keep the pot covered and simmer for 10–20 minutes. Take off heat and leave covered while you brew cools to drinking temperature.


crushed or powdered herbs

Sprinkle on top of any savory or sweet dish to boost the nutritional value of your food. Try on yoghurt, porridge, muesli, rice, potato, vegetable of meat dishes.


baths, skin care, extracts, oils, ointments

Use the infusion as skin toner, hair rinse, in baths and foot baths. Herbs crush can be an ingredient in an exfoliate mask. You can also make extracts, ointments, soaps…


Wild herbs often contain medicinal qualities, therefore it’s recommended to drink 2-3-cups per day during two weeks and then consider changing the herb. When you use dried wild herbs, the recommended daily allowance is a few grams, that is, 1-2 teaspoonfuls of powdered herbs per day.