Natural Nordic dried Chanterelles
Natural Nordic fresh Chanterelles


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Chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius)

The Chanterelle is one of Finland’s most easily identifiable and highly valued mushrooms. Chanterelles grow at the roots of birch trees. They appear in diverse landscapes and forest types, but most typically mixed or deciduous forests on islands or lakeshores. Chanterelles are versatile in cooking and can be added as an ingredient to most dishes. Chanterelles contain ample vitamin D and are a good source of potassium, iron, and selenium.

Add nutrition and flavor to sauces, soups, pies, stews, warm sandwiches, omelettes, salads, smoothies, use as spice when crushed and when soaked use as fresh mushrooms.

Nutritional values

 Per 100 g


24 kcal/ 101 kJ


0,8 g

- of which saturated

<0,1 g


0,4 g

- of which sugars

0,2 g

Dietary fiber

3,2 g


2,2 g


11,4 mg

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