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Soothe Your Skull Tea
Soothe Your Skull Tea
Soothe Your Skull Tea

Soothe Your Skull Tea

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Sweep away the tension with this nourishing Chamomile, Meadowsweet, Fennel flavored tea.

Ingredients: Meadowsweet flower, Chamomile flower, Fennel seed, Nettle leaf, Motherwort, Heather, Licorice root, Wood Betony. Ingredients (latin): Filipendula ulmaria, Matricaria recutita, Foeniculum vulgaris, Urtica dioica, Leonurus cardiaca, Calluna vulgaris, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Stachys officinalis

Country of origin: Finland (Fennel, Motherwort, Wood Betony from USA).

Not recommended for pregnant women. Long term use not recommended for those with blood thinning medication or for those with hypertension.

Directions: Pour 1 cup boiling water over 1-2 tsp of herbs. Steep 5-8 minutes. Strain. Add honey or sweetener if desired. Enjoy!

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