Natural Nordic sustainability journey


Sustainability is a vital part of our business operations. Since the beginning of our business, we have been working to minimize our carbon footprint by designing both our products and business with sustainability issues in mind. However, this does not happen overnight. We are taking one step at a time toward a more responsible business.

We have adopted ISO 26000 as our company standard to guide us on our way to sustainable development. Our aim is to implement the ISO 22000 social responsibility guidance by 2024.

You can follow our journey by reading how we have developed our sustainability so far.



Welcome to Natural Nordic, a Finnish brand that passionately promotes the purity and healing properties of nature's finest ingredients. Our products are the unique gems harvested from the enchanting forests of Finland. Carefully selected through years of evaluation and hard work, we combine the best ingredients to create unparalleled offerings. Through gentle processing techniques, we preserve the vital qualities of these precious gems, ensuring they are effortlessly accessible for your needs. Embrace our 100% natural, wild food products that are additive-free, and cater also to vegan diets and even well-being of your furry friends. When you seek sustainable, top-quality, and truly unique Finnish ingredients that inspire creativity, look no further than Natural Nordic.

Experience the artistry of pure and scientifically-proven plants that cannot be replicated. Our selection includes both certified organic and wild-crafted plants, sourced exclusively from the unspoiled Finnish wilderness. These plants, nurtured by the short vibrant growth season and the purity of cold winters, offer an exceptional taste experience and unparalleled nutrient density. From dried and powdered berries to herbs and mushrooms, our versatile products add a touch of magic to your daily menu and culinary creations, infusing them with the pure and healthy flavors of the Finnish forest.

Natural Nordic berry powders

Natural Nordic's dedication to excellence has garnered international recognition. In prestigious competitions such as the Tokyo Team Chef Contest and the Snacking D'Or competition in Paris, our products have shone brightly. Our bilberry powder was honored for its impeccable structure, captivating color, and unrivaled taste, while our berries, herbs, and mushrooms all secured coveted finalist positions. Collaborating with chefs from around the globe, our products consistently meet and exceed their exacting standards of culinary excellence. We take immense pride in our products being celebrated for their unrivaled quality and limitless potential, offering a multitude of creative possibilities for visionary and creative culinary chefs.

Unleash the Natural Nordic spirit within you and embark on a sensory journey like no other. With Natural Nordic by your side, you have the power to infuse your life and creations with the pure essence of Finland's pristine wilderness. Embrace the boundless wonders of nature and experience the extraordinary today.

Natural Nordic - Finnish forest purity