Embark on a culinary journey with Finnish forest mushrooms, nature's umami-packed treasures. Uncover the nutritional magic of our mushrooms, known for their low carbohydrates, energy, and fat content yet bursting with unique flavors.

Natural Nordic nutritional values of mushrooms English

Why mushrooms?

Savor the essence of Finnish forest mushrooms being low in carbs, energy, and fat, yet a treasure trove of unique flavors. Discover mushrooms, offering not only a gourmet experience but also contributing to your well-being and suiting many diets.

Mushrooms are rich in dietary fiber, which is essential for digestion. Being low in calories and fat, they constitute an ideal part of a healthy diet. On dry weight basis, the protein content of mushrooms is approximately 33%. Mushroom proteins contain eight amino acids that are essential for humans. Mushrooms contain as much protein as milk or peas so they are a good choice for a vegan diet. We have three different mushrooms in our selection, each one with a distinctive flavor. Mushrooms contain vitamins and several minerals, especially potassium, iron, zinc, and selenium. They are low in sodium, which makes them suitable for those with high blood pressure.

Our dedication to providing accurate and reliable information extends to the nutritional details of our mushrooms. The primary source is Fineli, the National Food Composition Database in Finland, curated by the National Institute for Health and Welfare. Complementing this, we conduct rigorous product tests in neutral laboratories and collaborate with our network of trusted producers. Esteemed organizations such as the Arctic Flavours Association, and books by experts such as Piippo, Kivimetsä, Halmetoja are our additional sources. This thorough approach to sourcing information ensures that you can trust the nutritional insights we share.

Enhance your culinary and nutritional exploration by seamlessly navigating between our berry, herb, and mushroom pages, not forgetting our recipe section. Dive into the nutritional wonders of each category and discover the unique benefits they bring to your health and palate. Explore our full selection and order your favorite forest treasures on our webstore. Happy foraging!